Visit of airport

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First I reach to class sharp 8:30 and sit up with my group member named me ,rudu , hani and jesal 

As per instructor given us a detail about aeiou we chose a topic named a transportation engineers and selected a spot airport and visit airport and started writing about  activities, environment ,interaction,objects,and other things 

See this picture which consists one scenario of it

Day 9 de

After enjoying one week vacation we have to come college at Saturday for design engineering

To day we have make a one sheet named mind mapping bhasker sir give us information about what is mind mapping and what is the needs of it

He told us the mind mapping is the sheet which shows the connection between object and its user

He also told us that it is most efficient way to find a problem in system

After 2 hour we have made it and the sheet given below 

Introduction of logbook

While the bhasker sir was explaining about lemon exercise and all those thing .in that some of points he referred us to use a WordPress and make our own website he also motivated us that its a very impressive to mentioned our own site on resume

He also motivate that its the good habit to write your day to day life in book but the now the era of electronic so to switch it on phone book